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New register launched for pharmacy technicians

On 1 July 2011, registration as a pharmacy technician became a compulsory requirement in Great Britain. For the first time, registration has restricted who can work as a pharmacy technician to only those trained and competent to do so.

Patients can now be assured that pharmacy technicians working in Great Britain:

  • are trained and qualified;
  • uphold and follow national standards;
  • keep up to date with current practice through continuous professional development (CPD);
  • are accountable for their actions;
  • hold indemnity insurance  so if something should go wrong patients are covered; and
  • focus on patient safety as expected of a registered healthcare professional.

Easing the transition to compulsory registration

It was difficult to judge how many pharmacy technicians were in the workplace, estimates suggested there were 14-15,000. So we were both surprised and delighted to receive around 20,500 applications by the deadline. Our focus now is to register these professionals as efficiently as possible. They can continue to practice while their application is being processed. While this may take some time we are steadily progressing through the applications and placing people on the register.